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The Clark Fletcher Memorial Citrus Bursary is an award of up to $5,000 per annum that is granted to either a tertiary student who has a specific interest in the citrus industry, or an applicant who is involved in research that is likely to contribute to the New Zealand citrus industry.  Applications are reviewed by the Executive Committee of New Zealand Citrus Growers Incorporated (NZCGI), with a strong preference given to projects that are aligned with NZCGI's research goals.

Criteria for applicants

The Clark Fletcher Memorial Citrus Bursary will:

take the form of an education bursary available to any student studying at a New Zealand tertiary institution for a diploma, degree, or post-graduate qualification in applied science who has a specific interest in the citrus industry;


provide funds to assist any suitable applicant involved in a research project that is likely to make a contribution to the New Zealand citrus industry.  Projects of particular interest to the citrus industry include:

  • integrated pest management,
  • fruit size,
  • skin quality,
  • sugar levels in fruit,
  • crop nutrition and irrigation,
  • post-harvest handling and disease control.


In 1977 the citrus and exotics fruit growing industry lost two forward-thinking gentlemen: Bruce Clark, General Manager of the Citrus Marketing Authority (which ceased operations in November 1980), and Bill Fletcher, a leading authority on citrus and exotics fruit culture with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.  Both died while driving to the 1977 New Zealand Citrus and Subtropical Council Annual Conference.

These two men were deeply involved in developing the fruit sector, and in nurturing and guiding the industry through its formative years.  Today the memory of these pioneers lives on in the Clark Fletcher Memorial Citrus Bursary, an award that aims to promote the industry to which Bruce and Bill devoted so much time and effort.


The award of the Bursary may be withheld in any year in which the Committee considers that there is no suitable applicant.

The decision of the NZCGI Executive Committee is final.

Closing Date

Applications close on 30 November.

How to apply

Further information on how to apply for the Clark Fletcher Memorial Citrus Bursary  is available by downloading this document. Please contact the NZCGI office here if you have any questions.