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New Zealand consumers have access to some of the freshest and most delicious citrus in the world.  Eating quality New Zealand citrus can benefit your health while supporting the local industry.

Different varieties of mandarins are available through most of the year, making them the perfect lunchbox snack - kids love them, and they're healthy too.  Sweet, seedless, easy peel Satsuma mandarins are harvested from May until August, so remember to keep an eye out for the arrival of the first new season's fruit.  Other varieties of mandarin such as Kiyomi and Richards Special pick up where the Satsuma leave off, and are available until the end of September.  From October until April you will find Encore mandarins in your local supermarket.

New Zealand grown navel oranges are available from June until December, with Valencia oranges available from November through to the end of February.  Sweet and juicy, our oranges are among the best in the world so make sure you make the most of them when they're available.

Grapefruit mature between May and January. Grapefruit make a delicious and healthy low calorie breakfast.

Lemons mature throughout the year, but the bulk of the crop is picked between June and March.  Locally grown limes are generally available between March and May.

Image courtesy of Keith Pyle