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The below is a series of frequently asked questions. If you have other questions not answered here – please contact the NZCGI office on 04 917 7163 or info@citrus.co.nz

Grower FAQs:

1. Q: How can I become a member of NZ Citrus Growers Inc?
A: Go to www.citrus.co.nz/html/joining_nzcgi.html  - download and complete the form, and return via post (NZCGI, PO Box 10 629, Wellington, NZ) or email (info@citrus.co.nz).

There are two membership types:
Grower member - If you produce commercial citrus, you must pay a compulsory levy and should already be on the NZCGI database. Please fill out the application form (at this link www.citrus.co.nz/html/joining_nzcgi.html) and let us know your details if you are a commercial grower, but do not receive correspondence from NZCGI.
Industry member – these are orchard supply companies, packhouses, scientists and non-producing growers (i.e. growers that have orchards are not yet productive).

You are able to be a paid member and more information is available on the application form.

2. Q: I do not produce commercial citrus – but have an interest in the NZ citrus industry - can I still be a member of NZCGI?
A: Yes, you are able to be a paid member even if you do not produce commercial citrus. Membership entitles you to receive regular updates from NZCGI through the quarterly publication Citrus News, as well as access to research reports and other information.

3. Q: What is NZCGIs membership fee?
A: Growers who produce commercial citrus must pay a compulsory commodity levy on all citrus sold. These growers are automatically deemed to be members of NZCGI.

Non producing growers or those that have an interest in the NZ citrus industry must pay an annual membership subscription. You must reside in NZ and have a NZ mailing address. Further details on joining NZCGI are available at www.citrus.co.nz/html/joining_nzcgi.html  

4. Q: Can NZCGI invoice my membership fee?
A: Yes, NZCGI can send an invoice for payment. You can pay by direct credit into NZCGIs bank account. Banking details are in Section C of the membership application form. Credit cards are not accepted.

5. Q: What are NZCGIs compulsory levy rates?
Information on NZCGI levies can be found here: www.citrus.co.nz/html/levies.html

Information on the HortNZ levy (which must be paid separately and in addition to the NZCGI levy) can be found here: www.hortnz.co.nz/membership/membership-levy 

6. Q: Must I pay a levy to NZCGI for citrus fruit I sell?
A: Yes, there is a compulsory levy in place for all citrus fruit sold. The levy must be paid from the first point of sale. If your fruit is sent directly to distributors and supermarkets, unless they collect the levy on your behalf then this must be paid directly to NZCGI by you. Information on NZCGI levies can be found at: www.citrus.co.nz/html/levies.html. There is also a levy payment calculator that you can download from this link.

If you intend to pay levies directly (rather than having the levy collected by other agencies) NZCGI can add you to the levy collectors list to remind you - please email us to request this service.

7. Q: What does the grower levy fund?
Levies fund the work which each product group undertakes either by itself or in conjunction with other product groups.  Product group levies are calculated on a per kilo basis at the first point of sale and go directly to the relevant product group to fund research and development, administration, promotion and other issues relevant to the product group and NZCGI as a whole. 

8. Q: Where can I find more information about growing citrus in NZ?
A: The best place to start is by requesting the publication “Growing Citrus in New Zealand”. This is free of charge. This publication has a wealth of information, from which cultivars to select through to pruning and pest and disease control. 

It is important to note that the NZCGI have not re - printed this manual and some sections are out of date. NZCGI does not have the resources to accurately update it. Please take special note of the disclaimer on page 4 with reference to the age of the information in this book; ‘Readers are reminded that this Manual was published in 2001 and has not been updated since that time.  Some information included in the manual may be out of date and readers are advised to obtain current advice from a specialist horticultural consultant’. 
The NZCGI website also has a section on helping growers which has further links to an order form for the Citrus Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Manual. You can order a copy of the IPM manual to gain more information on establishing a citrus orchard. This is $50+GST / copy and the order form is available here: www.citrus.co.nz/html/helping_growers.html

There is also a database of research reports (www.citrus.co.nz/research) which are available to members upon request.

9. Q: What factors should be considered when thinking of establishing or purchasing a citrus orchard?
There are a number of factors to consider. Some suggestions include:
*Discussing opportunities for citrus fruit with a horticultural consultant
*Speaking with other citrus growers in your area
*Consider how you will grade and pack your citrus. If you are selling direct you will be responsible for all compliance activities (including the new Food Act – more information available here: www.mpi.govt.nz/food-safety/food-act-2014) and payment of levies to both NZCGI and HortNZ.
*Consider distance to a packhouse and other logistical issues from your location - freight can be a significant cost.
*NZCGI strongly suggests that you contact a potential packhouse / marketing company (in your area) to discuss opportunities for citrus.  They should be able to give you information on returns and supply volumes for the citrus varieties you are considering. Below is a list of the main citrus marketing companies and their regions that you may wish to contact


Website / email contact


First Fresh



Fresh Direct


NZ wide



NZ wide




Macks Citrus

Marcus Beaufoy mackscitrus@xtra.co.nz


MG Marketing

Richard Cameron - rcameron@mgmarketing.co.nz

NZ wide

T&G Global


NZ wide

Te Mata Exports TBC


Kerikeri & Hawkes Bay




Disclaimer: NZCGI does not endorse any of the above marketing companies and has provided this list for information only. You should contact a number of companies to decide which one/s may meet your needs. Reasonable care and diligence was taken in the collation of this list but no liability is accepted for any losses arising from the use or misuse of any information. The publication of this list does not signify or imply endorsement of the marketing companies or service by NZCGI.
If you are a citrus marketing company and would like your details added to this page please email us.

10. Q: What factors need to be taken into account when considering production costs of establishing or purchasing a citrus orchard?
Profitability is a serious issue for any business. Understanding production costs on your orchard and what profits can be forecast is important in any horticultural enterprise. NZCGI have developed a simple excel cost of production spreadsheet that can be sent to you upon request (email info@citrus.co.nz) so you can insert data depending upon yield and your individual costs of production. There are also some online tools at www.business.govt.nz that you may find useful such as the breakeven calculator:
Below are some examples of expenses to give you an idea of what needs to be factored in when considering citrus production costs. Expenses vary widely from grower to grower and from season to season for many different reasons.

Expenses to factor in:

Post-harvest costs to factor in:

  • transport
  • crate / bin hire
  • fuel / vehicle
  • commission and marketing
  • sprays and fertiliser
  • transport—freight in and out
  • repairs and maintenance
  • pre packing and packing
  • pruning and picking
  • labelling and cool storage
  • insurance, rates and electricity
  • post-harvest treatments
  • wages and administration
  • levies (NZCGI and HortNZ etc)

11. Q: Is there a large export market for citrus?
A: Citrus is almost entirely a NZ domestic industry with very limited export, however high quality niche markets do exist. 

12. Q: Does NZ import citrus?
Yes, there are imports of citrus during the NZ season and from other northern hemisphere countries in the offseason. This is different to many other NZ fruit industries. NZCGI encourage you to research the situation if you are thinking of establishing a citrus orchard to supply the NZ Market.

13. Q: Is there expert consultants in the citrus industry I could seek advice from?
A: Yes, there are a number of consultants you may wish to contact. These are listed below. It is important to note:
Consultants will normally charge an hourly rate plus travel for their services. Please check with them about their charges in advance. There is no free industry sponsored service available, unless you are connected to a packhouse or marketing company in which case there could be an obligation to supply fruit.
Consultants may give advice on cultural practices, but it is critically important you obtain advice on marketing from marketing companies.
NZCGI have resources available to help growers – see question 8.


Contact details


Mark Robinson

Fruitfed supplies



027 290 3490



Lloyd Foss



021 224 0287


Keith Pyle

Pyle consulting



Willy Hegarty

Fruitfed supplies


027 243 9048



Matt Carter

First Fresh (NZ) LTD



06 8692139  or 021 242 0051



Juan Ferrere

Ferrere Management Ltd


021 222 0275

Gisborne (other areas by appointment)

Disclaimer: NZCGI does not endorse any of the above consultants and has provided this list for information only. The consultants are not verified or audited by NZCGI. No liability is accepted for any losses arising from the use or misuse of any information.
If you are a NZ citrus consultant and would like your details added to this page please email us.

14. Q: Where can I obtain advice on organic citrus growing?
A: Biogro (www.biogro.co.nz) are the NZ organic certification body and may be able to provide advice.

15. Q: I want to source some peel or bulk juice- who can I contact?
A: The following juicing companies may be able to help you, or point you in the right direction:
NZ beverage council – list of companies: www.nzjba.org.nz/company.asp
Pinto: www.nzjba.org.nz/companies/company18.asp
Simply squeezed: www.simplysqueezed.co.nz
Charlies: www.charlies.co.nz

16. Q: What compliance and or quality assurance programmes or activities should I be aware of if I am a citrus grower?
Certain marketing companies and or buyers may have specific requirements. Contact your marketing company for further advice. Another good place to start is the quality assurance program NZ GAP (www.nzgap.org.nz). NZ GAP contact details can be found here:

17. Q: Where can I find contact details for NZCGI executive and product group members?
A: NZCGI Executive and Product Group representation details can be found here: www.citrus.co.nz/html/contacts.html

18. Q: Where can I find a list of citrus tree nursery providers?
A: Contact details for some citrus nurseries are available here: www.citrus.co.nz/html/links.html  

19. Q: I would like to obtain contact details of a supplier of citrus – can NZCGI send me growers contact details?
A: No – due to the Privacy Act NZCGI is unable to give out grower details.

Consumer FAQs:

20. Q: Who is NZCGI?
See www.citrus.co.nz/html/growers.html

21. Q: What is the scale of citrus production in NZ?
A: Growers produce a total average of around 30,750 tonnes of citrus per year. To put this into perspective, the world citrus production is 60 million tonnes. NZs contribution to global citrus production is less than 0.05%. Detailed statistics on the citrus Industry are available by contacting the NZCGI office.

Freshfacts provides statistics on all fruit including citrus. Freshfacts can be found at:


22. Q: What is the seasonal availability of NZ citrus?
A: Availability of NZ Citrus



























Satsuma Mandarin:













Other Mandarin:













Navel Orange


































































In season


Not in season

The 5+a day website has more detail information on seasonal availability of all fruit and vegetables – including citrus at: www.5aday.co.nz/whats-in-season.aspx

23. Q: Why do some citrus I purchase have a plastic sticker?
A: Fruit stickers are used for branding and to provide the supermarket with a code so checkout operators know what fruit they are charging you for. Not all citrus is labelled with stickers, it usually depends on the brand and the fruit quality. 

24. Q: I am a teacher, where can I source educational resources?
For excellent educational resources contact 5+aday at:

25. Q: What recipes can I make with citrus?
Please see this link: www.citrus.co.nz/html/recipes.html

26. Q: What are the nutritional attributes of each citrus variety?
Please see this link: www.citrus.co.nz/html/nutrition.html

27. Q: Where can I find seasonal horticulture employment opportunities?
A: The best place to start are the following websites: