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NZCGI manages an extensive and dynamic Research and Development programme, with R&D priorities decided by grower members at regular regional meetings. 

Image courtesy of Keith Pyle

Current R&D projects include:

  • New cultivar assessment
  • Australian citrus whitefly control
  • Market monitoring of Satsuma mandarins, Navel Oranges and Meyer and Yen Ben Lemons
  • Registration of new agricultural chemicals

Projects are funded by levies, and research reports are discussed at grower field days and published in NZCGI's quarterly newsletter Citrus News.

A database of all Citrus research is available here. If you are an NZCGI member and would like a full copy of any of the reports please contact us.

International Citrus Congress, Valencia, Spain. November 2012
A full list of conference presentations is available here. If you would like copies of any of the conference abstracts please contact us.